Who we are

We are a young, dynamic team with the potential to grow. Our focus is on custom-made software development. We offer professional IT solutions, built upon the newest technologies and behind which stands a group of very capable people, who will do everything for the realization of your vision.

OneByte Technology is on the market since 2015 and our skills were sharpened over the years thanks to building software for various industries.
We love creating software and connecting different technologies to bring solutions that prove that everything is possible.
It is a great fulfilment for us if we see that our solutions simplify life and are an added value not only for our direct customer but also for his entire business.

Our vision is that not technology is what matters, but where it can take you.


We believe the best work happens when we don’t think of ourselves as individuals but as one big, amazing team of friends.
Teamwork empowers creativity and creativity brings innovations.

Why work with us


Our team of experts is able to cover an entire project – and take care of it from beginning to end. We have become a valuable technology partner for our clients. What our clients say 

And yes, Slovakia has been ranked as Top country with the most skilled programmers in Europe 😉 😀


We are agile and use some technics from Scrum to run projects. Maintaining a transparent flow of communication is what guarantees success with software development. Thanks to that, all our processes and decisions are aligned with customer’s budgets and deadlines.

We believe in our customers

We are the first supporters of our customer’s products. With the honest desire for them to succeed, we work with motivation as of the in-house team. We also trust founders, project managers, and investors that we meet and crave to understand their needs first.


Slovakia is the heart of Europe. The location of our capital city is very unique. Vienna and Budapest are so close that we can have a business meeting in each of them during one day.

Location of our headquarter provide us access to IT professionals from Bratislava, Vienna and Budapest in the case to scale with the needs of our clients.

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